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Why You Should Hire a Graphic Designer

By Alexandra Dupuis-Buske on Nov 15, 2016 10:23:51 AM

Let's imagine you don't hire a graphic designer to design your graphics, logo, or other branded elements. What's the message you are sending your potential customers?

By hiring a graphic designer, you are making sure that your graphics are visually appealing to the audience you are targetting. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly design an image that will convert leads, increase awareness, grow your brand, and more.

If you haven't hired a designer, there are two different scenarios that could follow this decision:

The best case scenario

In this scenario, you've hired an individual to handle your marketing, and you expect them to design graphics along with their strategies. 

 MarTech Marketing Unicorn

You've found a Marketing Unicorn! What's that you ask?


"Basically, marketing unicorns are the extremely rare breed of marketers who are pretty much good at everything. They’re full stack, digital natives with the perfect blend creative genius, technical know-how, and marketing fundamentals." - Earnworthy.com 


These individuals are known to have a good impact on your business. They have the technical know-how to create stunning content, graphics, and integrated marketing campaigns. If you've found a unicorn, hold on to them tightly, as they're very rare.

But for all we know, unicorns don't exist. So how are you supposed to find one?

In short, you won't. The reality is: no one can do it all.


The worst case scenario

Given this is the most likely of both scenarios, it also translates to the most likely brand image outcome as well. 

You've got someone who's doing your marketing, but they aren't the best at anything other than content creation and campaign work.. How's that going to work? 

The image of your brand starts to deteriorate, and you wind up with graphics like this...

Badly Designed Graphic

YIKES! No one wants to see that on their social feeds. What kind of impact can that have on your brand? Here's just a few of the possible outcomes:

  • Your audience starts associating your brand with the following terms:
    • Cheap
    • Inexperienced
    • Untrustworthy
    • Fake
  • Your current customers get swept off their feet by one of your competitors
  • You lose business transactions with your partners as it's hurting their image to be working with you

Though we hope the impacts aren't as negative as this, it's an inevitable possibility when working with someone who doesn't see the art in the design.

Without hiring a designer, your chances of long-term success are pretty slim. If you can't afford to hire a graphic designer or marketing unicorn on your team, it might be time to talk to a marketing agency you trust.

An agency has the talent that can bring about great success, and it is less expensive than hiring an in-house graphic designer.

Cyan has a great team of graphic designers that can meet your needs. Take a look at what we can do for you.


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Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra is a Marketing Millennial with a passion for meditation and yoga. For years she's found joy in helping others find the right solution for their needs.