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What The Bachelor Teaches us About Marketing Strategy

By Cara Curtis on Jan 31, 2017 10:23:16 AM

I’ll admit it: I am hooked on The Bachelor, even though the contestants live far away from my everyday reality. I’m a suburban mom whose children aren’t much younger than some of the show’s hopefuls, and who most certainly doesn’t date by hopping on a helicopter to drink champagne on a private beach in the tropics.  Date night for me is a movie and waiting in the Hyundai in the parking lot as hubby runs into Walmart to buy paper towels.  A team of hair, makeup, and camera people are certainly not following me around on my “exotic” forays!  But at the same time, watching The Bachelor can provide helpful pointers about choosing a marketing partner. And working for an Ottawa marketing agency, now that is my everyday reality!

Moving beyond Promotion  

Why am I so fascinated by dating TV where young, beautiful people try to find love in such an unrealistic fashion?  Other than the obvious fantasy/escapism, it occurs to me that I am identifying with it as a marketing exercise – the promoting and selling of a product. 


The show itself is a product of course, but deeper than that, each person who steps out of that limo all sparkly and shiny is working at promoting themselves.  Just like each time a company responds to a bid or showcases their work or pitches a product – they are selling: “look at me!  Look at how pretty and productive and perfect my stuff is!  I got just what you need, baby!”.


On The Bachelor, taking that next step beyond promotion is key for the contestants to move forward in the relationship.  It is also key to moving business relationships forward, as the desire is to:


  • Progress from selling the sizzle to demonstrating the value as a true partner 
  • Move from the distraction of the beach bod to the determination of actual worth
  • Rise up from the pack of perfection to stand head and shoulders above the airbrushed rest


But how is taking that next step done?  



The Value of Partnership

It is done by proving yourself, consistently.   Proof shown through authenticity – showing true colours.  It’s all fun and games during cocktails in the tiki hut, but when a thorny issue arises, it takes more than an extra shot of tequila to work through it together. Hard work – blood, sweat, and tears (lots of tears, as far as The Bachelor is concerned) is involved. It’s easy to skim the surface; it’s more difficult to delve into the depths and rise up as partners, to face new heights as one.  Ultimately, you reach that next step by proving you can bring about results.  You’ve shown you understood the problem and are the solution.  And that you are ready to run off into the sunset together.


In that way, reality TV is similar to, well, reality.  Less scripted, less photoshop, and less edited, but everyone is still looking for those perfect partners.  People have pain points – they need to do more with less, they need to increase awareness, they need to sell their product, they need to grow their donor base.  They need help to get to where they want to go, and they want to find that one true match that can help them get there. 


Sparkle with Substance

Now while red roses may not be a regular part of my daily life, I do look around and see the shine and the bling with creative Ottawa marketing agencies.  What makes my own heart happy is knowing that I work with a team that excels at the sparkle.  And more than that – I know that my team genuinely cares deeply about each other and our client partners. The quality of the character of those people around me, and the depth and substance of their work, is enough proof for me to feel good about “accepting this rose”.

Are you looking for that special marketing partner?  Contact us, and let’s start our relationship.


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Cara Curtis

Cara Curtis

Cara has been promoting effective working environments by providing executive, office, and staff support services for over 20 years. She focuses on helping professionals and business leaders with project, organizational & administrative coordination assistance, making it easier for everyone to get things done.