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The New Paradigm of Ottawa Marketing Firms

By Gavin Davidson on Apr 11, 2017 9:47:31 AM

The one thing you should know about Ottawa marketing firms, is that there is more than one thing you need to know. So, with that in mind, here are the top ten current facts about marketing and communications firms in Ottawa.

1 .We have a perfect mix

In Ottawa, there is an enviable mix of multi-national conglomerates and fiercely independent local agencies. For clients, this means that whether they need a global outreach program or a cutting-edge local marketing solution, they can get it done right here in Ottawa.  Some firms, like Cyan, have been around for over 20 or even 40 years. 


2. We’re tech-savvy

We are quickly becoming known as leaders in the tech sector, not just in Canada, but also throughout the world. Thanks to the success of established sector leaders such as Shopify, Mitel, and the BlackBerry subsidiary QNX, as well as up-and-comers such as You.i TV, marketing firms in Ottawa have been placed firmly on the global map.  At Cyan, we've developed forward thinking marketing strategies that involved mobile games, microsites and custom contests


3. We’ve got relevant experience

Ottawa has long benefited from the National Capital Region’s long-standing reputation as a tech-hub, dating all the way back to Corel. As a result, there is a deep well of both experience and talent at Ottawa marketing and communications agencies that makes Ottawa stand out compared to other cities. This makes the city’s marketing firms well positioned to continue to grow along with the global tech and clean-tech industries. 


4. We’re more than government relations

We are about so much more than government relations and contracts. Indeed, there are agencies in Ottawa that do not have a government relations department. This willingness to stretch outside of a well-established comfort zone is garnering the world’s attention in a variety of areas, from the aforementioned wide-ranging tech sector, to content marketing and relationship management, and even to specialized areas such as change management.


5. We’re original and award winning

Ottawa marketing firms are shaking loose from the shackles of an undeserved reputation as a secondary market known for playing it safe and towing the corporate line. In fact, these days, advertising agencies in Ottawa are known more for their original ideas and award-winning campaigns. Indeed, there are a bevy of local innovators and award winners, as evidenced by one local graphic designer taking home an Excellence in Title Design award at SXSW. The award is handed out for the best in promotional ‘trailers’, normally for television shows and movies. The Ottawa designer’s winning trailer, however, was for a book and it still beat out industry heavyweights including Netflix original series Stranger Things and The Crown; HBO’s Westworld; and Marvel Comics films Doctor Strange and Jessica Jones.


6. We represent global leaders and innovators

Ottawa-based agencies were once best known for providing top-flight services to local clients, but all of that is changing. As marketing agencies in Ottawa increasingly take their deserved position on the world stage, more global leaders are looking to Ottawa firms for representation, whether it be for a cutting-edge customer engagement strategy or a complete rebrand. Increasingly, marketing firms in Ottawa are being sought out for local, national, and global representation of worldwide industry leaders in a variety of sectors.


7. We leverage an excellent education infrastructure

We are beneficiaries of the varied and deep pool of post-secondary educational institutions in the area. With a fantastic mix of great colleges and universities in the city and surrounding area, the agencies have fantastic talent to choose from. Algonquin College offers dedicated advertising and marketing and graphic design programs, while both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa offer marketing streams in Bachelor of Commerce program.  At Cyan, we frequently hire from the graphic design and business management programs at Algonquin College. 


8. We are skilled at strategy development

Ottawa-based agencies are so much more than regional outposts for Toronto advertising agency HQs. There was a time when strategies were developed elsewhere and simply sent to the Ottawa offices for implementation. That is no longer the case. More and more frequently, the strategies themselves are originating here – where the future looks very bright, both for Ottawa marketing firms and their clients.

Marketing strategies are one of our specialities at Cyan Solutions. Just last year, we developed an innovative strategy that helped Realtors® learn more about Realtor.ca.


9. We are at the centre of Canada 150 celebrations

In Ottawa, we are leading from the front when it comes to Canada 150 celebrations. Well-positioned in the seat of the national government, local advertising agencies are putting their knowledge, creativity and experience to work in helping Canadians celebrate a major milestone for our country. Not surprising, considering how much local marketing firms love their city, their country, and their work.

At Cyan, we're working with clients such as Canada C3, who is launching a 150-day expedition to celebrate Canada's 150th.


10. We are the new Ottawa

Ottawa marketing firms are not just great at marketing our clients; we are also a great advertisement for the benefits of living and working in the National Capital Region. As the size and number of clients serviced by  agencies in Ottawa continues to grow, so does the need for accomplished, creative, thoughtful staffers. Thankfully, due to the many great reasons to live and work in Ottawa, local marketing firms are consistently hiring the best of the best.

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Gavin Davidson

Gavin Davidson

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