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Ottawa Social Media Marketing

By Alexandra Dupuis-Buske on Oct 17, 2016 11:38:01 AM

When it comes to developing the right Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business, there are a lot of possibilities. What's tricky is finding the one that's right for you.

Ottawa is a beautifully diverse city for both people and businesses. You can find a lot of great businesses in its many communities. With such a great panoply of options for customers to choose from, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.  

A great Social Media Marketing Strategy can help you and your business reach out to your target audience, and thoroughly delight them.

There are a few steps to help you maximize your Social Media Marketing in Ottawa, as listed below.


1. Find what drives your followers.

Your audience is as unique as your business, and you should treat them that way. What better way to stand out from the crowd than listening to your audience? *GASP* What a breakthrough! Just kidding.

By now, if you are a successful business, you are already listening to what your customers want, what they like, what they don't, etc. This is an aspect of Social Media Marketing that is crucial to your success.

Social Media Marketing also relies on followers to be liking, sharing, commenting, retweeting, and more. Because it is Organic Marketing, you end up spending less money, but your reach and impressions rely on how your users react to the content you share with them. 


2. Be present in the same social media platforms as your audience.

Once you know about your audience, it's easy to find out where they are on social media. There are lots of stats out there on Social Media demographics for each platform. Most of it can be found free of charge. In fact, you can get a lot of information about the general audience of each social media platform if you dig on the advertising option side of their website. (Don't worry, you don't need to pay for an ad to access this)

Find them, be with them, and delight them with your presence.


3. Find your unique voice.

Just like your followers, and other businesses around, you are unique, and you have a unique selling point that you should be transmitting within all your operations. This includes all Marketing messages, and in turn your Social Media Marketing messages.

Just like your mission and vision, stay true to what you and your business believes in.


4. Be Interesting!

When you speak to your audience, do you want them to fall asleep? Never! But you knew that part. Speak about things that interest your audience, and that align with your business. But most of all, be interesting enough for your audience to share what you say!

Is there something trending in the world? Take that into account, and participate in that conversation. But make sure your message is relevant to you, and relevant to your audience.


5. Update and follow your Marketing Strategy.

Does your voice align with your Marketing Strategy?

If so, then that's the easy part. Next comes making sure you are always following your strategy.

If not, it might be time to update your strategy, including your social media marketing strategy, to align with how you want to be perceived in the online world. If you are altering your marketing strategy, is it at all impacting your business strategy?


What now?

if you've got major changes to make in your Business, Marketing, or Social Media Strategy, consider how extensive this might be.

  • Do you need to refresh your brand?
  • Do you need to completely rebrand?
  • Do you simply have to update some strategy?

Whatever you feel is right, make sure you are doing it right. Sometimes that requires bringing in the big guns: marketing agencies.

We know that can be scary, but the right agency can help you go a long way. I mean, it's what they do every day.


So do we! Let us help you with your Social Media Marketing.

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Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra is a Marketing Millennial with a passion for meditation and yoga. For years she's found joy in helping others find the right solution for their needs.