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How to Solve Your 9 Biggest Content Marketing Problems

By Gavin Davidson on May 31, 2017 2:03:01 PM

A smoothly run content marketing campaign is a thing of beauty. It can increase conversions and help you reach your sales goals. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of challenges that can collude to make your content marketing campaign more closely resemble a show of horrors than a thing of beauty. Not to worry, for every content marketing problem, there is a solution. Here are 9 of the biggest:

1. You are spread thinner than butter on toast

An average content marketing program leverages a total of 17 different types of content. No wonder you are feeling channel fatigue, while belatedly realizing more isn’t necessarily better.


Solution: Make a strategic choice to focus on one channel and ensure you are the place to go for your customers on that particular platform.


2. Your content can’t perform under pressure

There might be a variety of reasons why your content isn’t performing the way it should: it’s too inward focused; it doesn’t stand out from the crowd; it isn’t helpful to your customers.


Solution: Don’t worry about what is important to you, worry only about what is important to your customers and their desired outcomes. When you are creating content, be the customer.


3. Your content is performing to an empty house

In focusing on creating content that can perform, it is often easy to forget the importance of also creating an audience. After all, the benefits of the content you create are only as big as your audience.


Solution: Put the necessary forethought into developing an audience development strategy that starts with an influencer list, welcomes guest postings, and is driven towards a definable goal.


4. They’re knocking, but they won’t come in

So you’ve got fantastic content that is engaging your customers in ever increasing numbers. They’re interested, they’re curious, and they’re coming to your landing page – but they are leaving as quickly as they came.


Solution: More often than not, low landing page conversion rates are a result of poor design. Head back to the drawing board and focus on giving your customers a simple and tangible reason to enter your site, while adding interesting elements such as animation to keep them engaged.


5. The (social media) engagement is off

You’re spending a ton of time posting content to social media. You’re making the effort to ensure the content is interesting and relevant to your customers. But still, they are not engaged. What gives?


Solution: Don’t just post engaging content, utilize formats that encourage engagement - such as questions and quizzes - or make it easy and rewarding for customers to post reviews. Make the potential for feedback and participation foremost in everything you post.


6. You’ve got the ideas, but not the people

Content marketing doesn’t just happen. It needs people to turn ideas into content. And those people need the time to make the magic happen. Unfortunately this is not always possible in today’s business environment.


Solution: If you don’t have the internal resources to keep up with your content marketing, why not look externally? And instead of hiring a consultant, why not partner with a company that shares your audience without competing with you directly?


7. Your company just doesn’t get content marketing

Content marketing is all about speaking with, not talking to, your audience. For many established companies that have spent decades engaged in one-way communication with their customers, this is hard to grasp.


Solution: One big advantage of two-way communication is that you can find out lots about your customers. Make your case by packaging and sharing this information in an easy to understand high-value way.


8. Legal is cramping your style

Effective content marketing is fast and efficient, allowing you to respond to pertinent developments in the outside world with speed and accuracy. But some companies need to first move through an interminable maze of approvals and sign-offs before posting the simplest piece of content.


Solution: Before even starting your content marketing, create a best practices document that lays out the rules for posting and streamlines the approvals process.


9. Got, got, got, got no time

Depending on how quickly you write, it probably takes between 1-2 hours to create a simple 500-word blog post. Meanwhile the competition’s posts keeps getting longer and stronger. How are you supposed to keep up?


Solution: Focus on pushing out consistently great, original content without reinventing the wheel every time. Create a system and apply a formula that allows you to keep generating great original content in the most efficient manner possible.

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Gavin Davidson

Gavin Davidson

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