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How To Make Sure Your Website Design Connects With Your Audience

By Zachary Houle on Feb 16, 2017 11:20:24 AM

If your business or organization has a website, your primary goal is to make sure it’s helping you meet your business objectives.   Your website design make make your site look good, but if it doesn’t have effective calls to action that convert, can take up bandwidth while sending content out into a black hole.  

You don’t want to waste your resources, nor your potential customer’s time. Instead, you want people actively engaging with your site. You want people to make a connection to your site -- ideally a good, emotional one. You want all of that hard work putting up a domain on the Internet and creating a presence to actually do something.

So how do you make sure that your site is making the connection it needs to your target audience? Well, there are a few things you can do.

Know Your Audience First

This may seem entirely obvious, if not a given, but if you don’t know who’s looking at your website -- or who you want to look at your website -- you don’t really have a good reason to have a website. So the very first thing you have to do identify who your target audience really is.

Think about it. If you know who you’ll want to look at your site, you’ll figure out where they are on the web -- you know, what search terms they enter into Google, what sites they flock to, and what blogs they pour over. You can then figure out how to tell them about your services. If you know how they look at and choose the type of online products you are selling, you’ll know what goes first on your site. Know your audience, and you’ll know what they want and don’t want -- and you can offer that or dismiss it on your web presence as need be.

If what you offer and how you present it is along the lines of what your customer or donor is thinking, congratulations! You’ll have earned a customer. That’s good news.

If you want more detail on getting to know and connecting with your target audience, the following link offers a pretty thorough method of doing so.


Speak to Your Audience

Here’s where the written and visual content of your site comes into play. What you want to do is talk to your audience in a very conversational way. That means being honest and transparent in your tone. If you sound corporate and stuffy, you’re going to turn many people off. Instead, in your writing style, try to be authentic and real. If you do this, people will feel naturally comfortable and at ease when browsing through your site.

You’ll also want to ensure that everything you create is about your audience. Talk to what solutions or things your business or organization has to offer that will benefit your target audience. Make sure the focus is on who you’re speaking to. Otherwise, you’re talking to your navel. (And nobody likes that!)

As you can tell, sometimes a little humor -- if appropriate -- can go a long way to making your potential customers feel comfortable with the products and services you have to offer. Be chatty but not verbose. It’s a skill to master, to be sure, but it’s the best way to connect with your visitors.


Think About Your Website’s Design, Too

Part of speaking to your audience is not just what you write, but what your visual component says, too.  This is the basis of website design. Consider the following:

  • Is your website user friendly? User friendliness can be a bit of a nebulous concept, but, that said, you want to make sure that your site has a good layout and navigation structure. You don’t want your visitors getting lost looking for content. You also don’t want them to get fed up by filling in a form that, well, doesn’t fill in -- just as some examples.
  • Is your website interesting? Does your site have arresting videos and images? Is the content divided up into manageable sections? Do your colour schemes sparkle? These are things that speak to your audience, as well.
  • Does your site evoke a certain emotion or mood? Think about things such as layout, typeface, imagery and colours that fits with tugging on your users’ heartstrings. You want your site to have a personality to it that users can relate to on an emotional basis.

Contact Cyan Solutions

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. If you need help making sure your website design makes the connection it should with your audience, contact us today. We’re happy to help you make sure your site makes the best impression with your online users, and makes the connection you want it to.


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Zachary Houle

Zachary Houle

Zachary Houle is a resident of Ottawa, Ontario, where he blogs for a number of clients. As a sometimes writer of fiction, as well, he is the recipient of a $4,000 arts grant from the City of Ottawa for emerging artists and a Pushcart Prize nominee. His fiction and poetry has been published in countless online and print literary journals and magazines in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. He enjoys blogging about books on Medium.com, and was recently named one of the Top 50 writers on the topic of books on Medium.