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Resources For Customizing Your Marketing Strategy In Ottawa

By Alexandra Dupuis-Buske on Oct 24, 2016 1:14:44 PM

It can be tough sometimes to know where to start when customizing your marketing strategy. Don't fret! There are a few options available to you in Ottawa, both paid and free. Finding the right option for your business is as crucial as having a unique marketing strategy.

Utilize the free resources that exist in Ottawa, or invest some money in going to some networking events and/or talk to an Ottawa digital marketing agency


Free Marketing Resources In Ottawa

There are many free resources in each city, Ottawa is no exception. If you need to save costs when customizing your marketing strategy, finding these resources can be key.

Some useful ways to find resources are the Ottawa Public Library, and Workshops.


Use the Ottawa Public Library

The best source of free educational material has always been the Ottawa Public Library. Though underutilized, the library can help you learn about many different subjects, including business and marketing.

Did you know the library has more than just physical books? Now you can borrow eBooks and audio books from the convenience of your own home. What's even better, it's still completely free of charge!

 POP! - Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything

You can browse the eBook selection of the Ottawa Public Library here.

I took a look at some related to marketing, and found the book titled 'POP!'. This book helps you 'Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything'.

Why not customize your marketing strategy to include the perfect pitch?


Find free workshops

Workshops are great, and can help you accomplish great things without having to spend big bucks. There are many different options out there, including Invest Ottawa, and Meet-ups.

They provide a base where you can build on the ideas presented, and make them your own. Maybe even spark conversations with others like you who have customized their marketing strategy.

The only draw-back is that these free workshops won't give you the level of attention, care, and customization you might need.


Where to Spend Money on Marketing Advice In Ottawa

If you want to invest some money on customizing your marketing strategy in Ottawa, there are some great resources available.  The first place to look is for Ottawa marketing events.  Some of the events listed in our blog post cost between 20 and 30 dollars to attend.   If you're a non-profit or social enterprise, you might want to check out HUB Ottawa's learning program

If you're looking for a more personalized experience than any of these events, you should reach out to an Ottawa marketing agency.... we might know a few people. 


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Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra is a Marketing Millennial with a passion for meditation and yoga. For years she's found joy in helping others find the right solution for their needs.