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8 Crucial Content Marketing Strategy Concepts You Need to Leverage.

By Alexandra Dupuis-Buske on Dec 15, 2016 10:34:03 AM

As content marketing keeps becoming increasingly important, it is vital to stay on top of trends. Here's a sneak peek at what crucial content marketing concepts you need to leverage.

You're probably starting to plan your content marketing strategy, or revising it. We've rounded up some concepts you should be aware of. These concepts can be applied to your content marketing strategy.

1. Find and know your why.

When creating content, it’s important to have a vision of why this content is important to your audience, and why you are creating this content. Having everyone understand the company’s content creation "why", and even potentially having their own "why", can help align intentions when sharing content.

Do you know your why? If you don’t, consider reading 6 Characteristics of a Kickass Content Vision.

Content vision itself helps answer why, and helps motivate employees to create and share meaningful content that aligns with the overall content strategy.

Remember: A vision should be inspiring, not boring.


2. The How? Now. Wow! framework.

Margaret Magnarelli, Monster’s Marketing Managing Editor/Senior Director, wants to help us think outside the box by following the How? Now. Wow! framework for content creation. The theory is that, like an individual, your content should have more than one voice, tone, style, and format.


The How?

This content serves as education for your audience, it is authoritative, and engages the individual in an intellectual way.

The Now.

This is the "Newsroom" of content. Relevant, useful, and in-the-moment. It serves to inform your audience on-the-spot.

The Wow!

It’s the content that amazes: it’s fun, share-worthy, shocking, or whatever makes you say wow!


Need to know more? Get it straight from the source here.


3. Storytelling and user generated content.

You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. Storytelling is and has been very important for content marketing even in 2016. You bet it’s going to be even more important now. Audiences are sick and tired of seeing ads... So tell them a story they can relate to!

You might not be the best at creating stories with your product or service that will relate to your audience. That’s fine. Guess who can do that for you? YOUR USERS! User generated content is a key ingredient to storytelling. Not only is it the easiest and cheapest form of creating content, but it is also more believable than any staged story you can produce in a studio.


As a millennial, I can confirm that brands that share content without storytelling in mind bore me. Being flooded with meaningless marketing emails and content on my newsfeed? I’ll unfollow or unsubscribe.

In fact, nothing engages me more than the thought of contributing my story into the brand messaging. Often, I seek to engage and buy from companies that want me to showcase my story, and will use the content I send them. 


4. The evolution of influencer marketing.

Thanks to wonderful user generated content and storytelling, Influencer marketing has grown significantly in the past few years, and exponentially in the past few months. It’s a wonderful way to reach a larger audience, and showcase your brand in a way other than traditional advertising. In a sense, influencer marketing is the Word-of-Mouth of the digital age. Find someone that influences a niche market that fits with your brand, and have them speak about your brand.

Influencer marketing is forecasted to continue its growth, so why not download an eBook by the Content Marketing Institute to help you focus your Influencer strategy and content marketing strategy.


5. Personalization.

Personalization is tricky, but we all know it works. Talking to an individual about something they are interested in, something they care about, or even answering a question they have are all great ways to engage the individual. But be careful to avoid sounding too sales-y.

With great targeting options on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more, reaching out to individuals based on their behaviours, the weather, their browser history, and more is getting easier for Marketers. The reason? It works. Don’t be late on this trend, it can truly tarnish the impact you have on your audience.


6. Content that expires.

Snapchat is a true example of why content that expires is engaging. People want authenticity, exclusivity, and they want it now. If you’ve got content that expires, it gives a sense of urgency, and engages the audience to act NOW!

Contests and expiring content are great at creating deadlines for engagement, a sense of urgency, and a sense of exclusivity.

“You mean if I don’t act now, I might not benefit from this great offer? Oh! I better act fast!” - One of your future customers.


7. Live content.

You thought that live content was thriving in 2016? Just wait and see. People want info now, not in two weeks. They’re on their phones constantly, scrolling through social media. Facebook Live has shown that engagement skyrockets when you go live.

So what if it’s not perfect? As humans, we want to be part of the action. What better way than tuning in to a story live?


8. Be mobile friendly!

Now, I’m sorry to say, if you haven’t already optimized your web page and/or content to be mobile-friendly, you are well behind the marketing curve. Do you hear your agency or marketing executives say things need to be mobile-friendly? IT’S TIME TO LISTEN! (Well realistically you should have listened years ago, but hey, it’s better late than never.)

Since mobile phones are getting smarter year-by-year, we know it should be a huge factor in any type of content decisions you make.

These are only a few of the trends that are projected to grow in the near future. If you aren’t planning already, maybe it’s time!


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Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

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