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5 Business Resolutions That can Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy.

By Alexandra Dupuis-Buske on Jan 24, 2017 3:54:20 PM

It's January. Have you made a New Year's Resolution? What about your business?  Have you made a business resolution 

We might have to start by defining a business resolution:

"A Business Resolution is a form of new year's resolution aimed at improving one's business. Similarly to a personal resolution, a business resolution invites change within the business to solve a problem."


Knowing this, we've collected a few business resolutions you could implement this year that would help to improve your marketing strategy.

Learn more about your customers

Knowing your customers is key to a successful marketing strategy. You may think you know them well but when was the last time you learned something about them? Taking some time to get to know them even better is always a good idea. 

This resolution will help you gain new perspective on how to engage with your audience, and convert them into customers. Using strategies such as content marketing will help you achieve business success.


By using content that engages with your audience, you can form a relationship with them. Since millennials are now the largest target market available, we've selected a blog post to help you know how to connect with this elusive audience: How to Use Storytelling and User-Generated Content To Engage With Millennials.


Review your website performance

So you've got a website, but when's the last time you updated it, or reviewed how well it was converting? As our web developers have often said: "A website isn't a static page. It needs to continuously evolve with your customers' needs and behaviours." 

Let's face it. When it comes to your website, do you know where your audience is dropping off? What about if it's ranking properly in search engines? Choosing to review your website performance can help you stay on top of the trends, and keep your visitors happy.


Though not all trends are to be treated equally, some trends could actually hurt your conversions. Make sure you know the pros and cons of each trend before trying to implement it on your website.

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Examine your branding

If your branding has been the same for a while, is it time to revamp it? As a business resolution, examining your branding could help you get back on track for a great marketing strategy. There are a few questions you should aim to ask when examining your branding:

  • Does your brand reflect who you are?
  • Is your brand personality relatable?
  • How does your brand appeal to your target audience?

Answering this can help you understand whether or not you need to rethink your brand.


Since rebranding is a huge investment in both time and money, make sure you consider if it's right for you. Weigh the pros and cons, and ask yourself questions to find out if it's a good option.

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Create engaging content

Creating engaging content for your audience is a real struggle. One important thing to remember is quality over quantity.

By having a business resolution geared towards creating engaging content, you will be finding better ways to engage with your audience, and create content that is shareable. Don't know where to start? Read up on some of the crucial concepts of 2017: 8 Crucial Content Strategy Concepts You Need to Leverage in 2017.


Manage costs

We're not all superstars of cost-saving marketing. But a good business resolution would be to manage marketing costs, aiming to examine where you might be bleeding money.

  • Are you targeting too broad an audience with your digital ads?
  • Are you spending money on outdated channels?

Answering these questions is just a small part of figuring out where you might be able to cut back some costs.

Trying to find a great way to cut back costs? Facebook has made it really easy to save some money on ads by delivering highly targeted ads to the right audience, at the right time. Check out these tips: 3 Facebook Advertising Tips for Non-Profits and Foundations.

Taking time to give your business a new goal or resolution for the new year is crucial to the evolution and survival of your business.

Let's be real. It's a lot harder to spot the problem and find a viable solution when you're in the middle of the storm. Consider getting an outside opinion. 


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Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra Dupuis-Buske

Alexandra is a Marketing Millennial with a passion for meditation and yoga. For years she's found joy in helping others find the right solution for their needs.