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4 Tips to Choosing the Right Lead Generation Agency in Ottawa

By Cyan Solutions on Mar 21, 2017 9:14:05 AM

Your business survives on customers. Run a candy store? Your customers probably don’t need much information about your products. But let’s say you run a software company in Ottawa. You’ve created a database management system for small to medium sized businesses. How do you reach those businesses?

One way is to hire an Ottawa lead generation agency. They’ll assess your needs and build a strategy that gathers a list of people who have an interest in learning more about your product or service.

But not all lead generation agencies are created equal. Some will offer shoddy research with stale leads while others have measurable ways they can prove their value. Here are four tips to keep in mind when choosing a lead generation agency in Ottawa.


Ask for referrals

Some agencies may have customer testimonials right on their website. That’s great, and a first step to see if this agency has clients who have liked the service they received.

But it can also be wise to dig a little deeper for your own peace of mind.

Ask the lead generation agency for the name of one of their satisfied customers who you could talk with. Or better yet, if someone’s name and company is written on their website, look them up yourself to have a chat.

This will give you a personal take on the agency you’re scouting, and help you make a decision based on more than a sound byte.


Do they measure their success?

A good Ottawa lead generation agency will offer some guarantee that they do quality work. For instance, they may suggest that they can provide you a list of leads where 80% of emails on that list are working, correct emails.

Or they may guarantee a certain percentage of leads at each stage of their process. As an example, take that list of 80% correct emails. This agency might then say that list could translate to an 8% conversion rate; meaning they could turn 80% of warm leads into 8% of sales.

Be sure to ask a lead generation agency how they can prove these numbers. Some agencies will suggest that if they don’t match a certain level they promised – i.e. 80% warm leads – then they may offer you a discount.

This is a sign that an agency is willing to stand by their work.


Do they generate custom leads?

Lists of qualified leads are valuable to more than just the businesses that could use them. Premade lists are often bought and traded between lead generation agencies, and can be mixed into lists that they offer clients.

These lists could have people on it that have expressed no interest in your company and so would be no better to you than randomly calling someone off a list of phone numbers.

Ask your lead generation agency in Ottawa how they generate your leads. Consider the difference between a lead generation agency that uses pre-made lists and an agency that will help your business generate quality leads.

The more an agency can narrow down how they generate lists for your specific business, the better your leads will get, and the closer and sooner you will get to a sale. Using pre-made lists is a scattershot approach that can end up eating into your time without giving you the payback you might have wanted.  


Do they offer flexible terms?

Hiring a lead generation agency in Ottawa means you’re investing time in them, because you think it will improve you sales. In any new business relationship it can be handy to see if they offer a short-term trial – say 3 months – after which you could then increase your commitment to them.

If an agency insists on longer-term contracts immediately– 6 months to a year – it may suggest they aren’t focused on your interests, and are only interested in their own bottom line. Be sure to ask if an agency offers a trial period.

Now that you’ve got some tips: be sure to see how Cyan can improve your lead generation.


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