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3 Ways You Can Generate Leads Thanks to Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Zachary Houle on Aug 16, 2017 1:46:50 PM

Congratulations! You have a content marketing strategy that works. You’re busy gathering leads and trying to turn them into customers. So how did you get here? There’s a roadmap that you used that worked pretty well. You’ve studied inbound marketing and know that this type of marketing costs 62 % less than traditional marketing techniques and generates three times as many leads. Your content marketing strategy probably included the following three techniques to get you to generate those precious leads. If they didn’t, follow them and see if the number of your leads go through the room.

1. You’ve Created Sharable Content That Kicks Butt and Takes Names (Literally)

If you’re a marketer and are anything like me, you love to write. It’s your passion. You eat, breathe and sleep writing. If you have a good content marketing strategy, you’ll know that creating vital content that resonates is key. You want to have people downloading white papers and filling in forms without really asking them to.

Why are you writing this content that kicks the door down? You’ll know from the 2016 content preferences survey report by DemandGen that 51 % more of business-to-business buyers now rely on content to research and make buying decisions than they did in 2015. You’ll also know that 75 % of marketers are increasing how much they invest in content marketing as a result.

But you also need people to find you. That’s where writing good content comes in. If your content blows people away (like I hope I’m doing with you now), then it’s likely that it’ll get shared on social media (go ahead and click on one of those social media icons you see on this article, wink, wink). The more that your content gets shared, the more that new people are going to come to your content and discover your company or organization. That’s when you’re generating leads.

So be sure to make great content that answers your audience’s questions as part of your content marketing strategy. This is a bit intangible to really convey (it’s hard to tell you how to write great content), but you can measure how well your blogs or pages are performing, at least. Take it from there and develop content just like it.


2.  You’ve Come Up With Great Opt-In Incentives

With this content marketing strategy, you already know that you have to give in order to get. And you’ll need to give away something of great value, something that your visitors will want before they even know that they want it. If you’re scratching your head at this, what do you give away? What’s popular right now is eBooks -- you can grow your email list just by throwing an eBook as an opt-in offer on a landing page. The trick is, even though you’re giving your eBook away for free, it should offer more than what’s currently in the marketplace. It has to be better than what you can buy.

So what if you don’t have it in you to write a book? No problem. There’s tons of stuff you can give away from video courses, white papers, blogging tools to webinar recordings. Just be aware that whatever you’re giving away is relevant and valuable to the customer you want.


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3. You’ve Created Interactive Content

Sadly, not everyone has time to read a 2,000-word blog post. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t write long content -- Google loves epic content for search engine optimization purposes -- but you also want to be sure that your content attracts and retains people’s attention. This is where calculators and quizzes come into place. These items provide instant gratification for your audience, and can have a personalized touch, such as having a calculator that adds up what a video campaign would cost. Plus, interactive content is sharable and there’s potential that it may go viral. So, if you’re smart, you’ll already know that content that users can play with is a great content marketing piece of the puzzle.

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Zachary Houle

Zachary Houle

Zachary Houle is a resident of Ottawa, Ontario, where he blogs for a number of clients. As a sometimes writer of fiction, as well, he is the recipient of a $4,000 arts grant from the City of Ottawa for emerging artists and a Pushcart Prize nominee. His fiction and poetry has been published in countless online and print literary journals and magazines in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. He enjoys blogging about books on Medium.com, and was recently named one of the Top 50 writers on the topic of books on Medium.