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3 Key Ways Your Ottawa Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Solve Your Online Problems

By Cyan Solutions on Feb 14, 2017 12:00:00 AM

As a business with an online presence, there are two key problems you probably think about:

1. How can I get more online traffic?
2. How can I convert that traffic into sales?

Your Ottawa digital marketing agency can help solve these two fundamental problems in a variety of ways. Some ways complement one another, such as building a website for you, and setting up a social media presence. Other ways focus on improving your current online presence with A/B testing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

We’ll discuss these last two ideas some more, plus a couple of other ones. Here are 3 key ways that an Ottawa digital marketing agency can help solve your online problems:

1. Defining your audience

I know. Not digital sounding at all. But the fact is that your audience is front and center to everything that comes next. For example, say you run an accounting firm.

You want to have a website with heavy graphics, and digital animation, because Wall-E was a hell of a movie. Your Ottawa digital marketing agency won’t fault your love of Pixar. But they will most certainly take issue with your site being weighed down with digital extras.

Why?  People visiting your accounting site are there to get a sense of your reputation, services and prices. Even if they’re Wall-E fans, your homage wasn’t the reason they showed up.

Being clear on who your customers are has a direct connection to your website  design and your entire online presence.


2. Optimizing your website

You’ve built a website, but they haven’t come. Or maybe when they do, they don’t stick around. Both are common enough problems that can be improved in a few ways.



Your digital marketing agency would first look at keywords that customers use when they search for things about your company. So, if you’re that same accounting firm, your agency would make sure that words like “Tax accountant” is prominent on your site over instances of “Accelerated Depreciation” or “Absorption Costing”.

This is to make sure that you stay pointed towards your customers, and they can find you more easily.


Second, your digital marketing agency would look at ways to convert your visitors into customers. Now let’s say you sell apparel online. People are browsing on your site, but not buying anything.

Your marketing agency would track your customer’s route through your site then come up with a strategy. This might involve the use of A/B testing. This means testing a single page designed one way (A) against that same single page designed a second way (B).

Here your digital marketing agency can get a read on which page design encouraged more visitors to move towards buying something. This page would then become the display page until future A/B testing kicks it off its podium.


3. Optimizing your social media presence

You’ve got a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat account for your business. Sweet. Now the question is: how often do you use them?

The Internet is a graveyard of forgotten social media accounts. People and businesses start them with great intentions, only to find their focus turning to other things. That’s okay, it happens. And the fact is, your business may not need all of these ways to talk with your customers, if your customers only use three social media platforms.

Your Ottawa digital marketing agency would assess your social media presence based on its strategy for your business, and sort out what stays and what goes.

You can’t please everyone. So, you would focus on solutions for those people who you can please: your customers.

These are only a few ways that your Ottawa digital marketing agency could help solve your online problems. Browse our services at Cyan Solutions and learn how we could help your business.


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