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13 Signs You Should Invest In Content Marketing

By Gavin Davidson on Jul 12, 2017 9:42:48 AM

Putting your foot through a floorboard is a sign that you need to get your floor redone, but it’s also a sign that you missed some signs leading up to the moment you put your foot through it. Don’t wait to put your foot through the floor when it comes to content marketing; pay heed to this baker’s dozen of signs that it is time to invest.

1. Your content is crying out for an audience

Chances are your organization is already producing content. If you are creating unique infographics, informative whitepapers, and engaging eBooks, but they’re not getting traction, put them to work! You’re already creating content, why not also create a content marketing strategy for amplifying and delivering these pieces?


2. Your website gets fewer visits than grandma

A lack of online engagement and low website traffic are signs that your content is stale. Regularly updated, optimized content will not only keep your core constituents coming back for more, it will also attract fresh prospects to your website.


3. You need a search party to find your company with search

If you get to page five of search engine results without seeing mention of your company, it’s time for a change. And since content is the fuel that powers search engines, the easiest way to work your way up the ranking is to start creating and sharing fresh keyword-rich content on a regular basis.


4. You’re on the bottom and your competition is on top

Perhaps things aren’t so bad for you when it comes to SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking. Maybe you’re on the first page. But maybe that’s still not good enough because your main competition is ranked even higher. Publishing new content on a regular basis will encourage Google to boost your rankings ahead of the competition.


5. Your P.P.C. plan costs too much C.A.S.H.

If your PPC (pay per click) strategy is eating a huge hole in your marketing budget, it may be a sign that your content isn’t pulling its weight. While repositioning your ads and tweaking your keywords might give you a little bump, a content overhaul is the key to increasing your PPC value. Content marketing enhances organic search results, putting you front and centre with prospects that are looking for information about your offerings.


6. You need more than SEO to GROW.

Both consumers and search algorithms are too sophisticated to fall for a marketing strategy based entirely on search engine optimization. Yes, it’s great to analyze data, optimize metadata, and perform on-page SEO, but all great marketing programs are based on content. You need fresh, original content not only to engage the consumer, but also to impress search algorithms that analyze multiple factors including the popularity of your posts and social media engagement.

7. Your social media is anti-social

Social media can be a fantastic way to promote your business and engage your audience, but its true potential can only be realized when these channels are integrated into a content marketing strategy. Users need to have a compelling reason to follow or connect with a company via social media. Content marketing is the perfect synergistic strategy to provide social media with the depth and richness necessary to build quality customer relationships.


8. Now you need to optimize your conversion rate 

Conversion rate optimization is the process of making data-driven changes to your website that increase the percentage of visitors taking the desired action. Through a process of strategic content creation, you can guarantee a higher conversion rate using content marketing to take the website traffic you have and turn more of it into paying customers.


9. You need something made to measure

Marketers have for decades had to deal with pushback when it came to measuring ROI. With online marketing, however, the ability to measure results is what makes it a science. From visitors to your website through to customer feedback, everything truly is measurable. You can use content marketing to generate the data needed to prove your ROI.


10. You want to whip out your big data

The potential uses for the data generated through a strategic content marketing program are myriad. The information you collect on your prospects will provide insight into your customers’ typical buying cycle, helping to refine your company’s sale pipeline, while informing your overall business strategy.


11. Mo’ customers, but no mo’ money

Even if you’re winning new customers, the cost of acquisition might still be negatively affecting your bottom-line. One of the strongest arguments for content marketing is that it is a far less expensive method of generating customers than traditional methods - often half or less what traditional sales techniques cost. That translates directly to a faster ROI on marketing initiatives and, ultimately, higher profits.

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12. You want to go global

Another way to generate higher profits is to expand your reach. Luckily, content recognizes no borders. Content marketing is the ideal way to scale your business globally without a commiserate increase in your marketing budget.


13. Everyone else is doing it

I’m not saying you should jump in a lake just because Jimmy did, but you don’t want to be the only one standing on shore. If you look around and see every other business in your sector is implementing, and benefiting from, content marketing, it may be time to jump in.

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Gavin Davidson

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