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9 Content Marketing Tools to Help Develop the Perfect Strategy

By Gavin Davidson on Jun 14, 2017 10:13:53 AM

Designing and implementing a successful content marketing strategy depends not just on doing the job right, but having the right tools to do the job. With that in mind, here are 9 tips and content marketing tools to help you develop the perfect strategy.


1. Research

No matter how original or creative, content only works when it is relevant to your audience. Brandwatch is a listening tool that allows you to search your brand, competitors, or specific keywords related to your area of business. With visibility across social platforms and throughout the web, this listening tool can be your most valuable competitive analysis and brainstorming weapon.


2. Brainstorm

Consistently coming up with creative ideas is arguably the hardest part of content marketing. That’s why it is essential to cultivate great sources of inspiration such as blogs, online magazines and newspapers, and even discussion boards. With Feedly, you can collect and read all of this inspiring content in one place. Feeds are automatically organized and sorted, and you can subscribe to as many as you want.


3. Collaborate

Developing an effective content strategy requires collaboration and teamwork.

Brown Boot Works and tools like it allow you to provide your team with instructions and coordinate on shared documents. It is simple to implement for both mobile and desktop usage and all you need to get started is a Gmail account. The app not only features the ability to create tasks with both text and voice, it provides detailed reporting, enabling you to easily pinpoint any problem areas.


4. Organize

The ideas are flowing and your content library is growing – and so is the interminable mess of files. As your content marketing efforts grow and expand, keeping everything in order becomes increasingly essential. Evernote lets you record all of your content ideas, maintain an editorial calendar, and clip web content for future reference. It can also be used to share and discuss ideas in real time, allowing your team to always be on top of your content.


5. Analyze

It can be argued analytics is the most important ingredient in any successful marketing recipe. Make the most of your outreach with Piwik, which keeps track of how you are connecting with your audience and provides you with the knowledge you need to constantly improve. Not only does Piwik enable you to gather valuable information about content performance through visitor maps and keyword and event tracking, it’s free and boasts unlimited storage.


6. Optimize

When creating a blog as part of a content marketing strategy it’s imperative to practice search engine optimization. Thanks to tools like LongTailPro.com you can easily find relevant long-tail keywords to optimize every post you write. Remember to choose keywords that have the right mix of relevance, competition, and search volume. You can also use a plugin like SEO by Yoast to analyze your content and advise you where to place keywords.


7. Evolve

The trouble with offering your audience great content is that they come to expect it. The bar is constantly raised and you need to keep improving your performance just to keep up! Atomic Ally is an easy-to-use tool that analyzes your content and tells you how big an impact it’s going to have. After considering more than 20 different factors, the app provides a rating between 0 and 100 and even offers useful advice on how to improve different areas of your content, to make sure you always stay ahead of audience expectations.


8. Lead

If you really want to keep your audience engaged, it is essential to keep your content ahead of the curve. In order to do this, you need to receive early signals about rising influencers, hot topics, and popular hashtags. By providing sentiment measurements for each trend it identifies, right down to specific emotions such as fear or excitement, Trendspottr helps you get on board with emerging trends as an early adopter while preventing you from jumping on bandwagons.


9. Communicate

Once your content marketing strategy is successful in engaging the desired audience, you’ll want to maximize benefits through ongoing high-value personalized communication.  MailChimp makes it easy to reach out to your audience via email, enabling you to set up mailing lists, run email campaigns, track responses, and handle unsubscribe requests at the push of a button. You can even set up an RSS feed directly from your company blog so that your latest blog entries are sent automatically to your mailing list.

One tool to rule them all.

If you’d like to combine all the above strategies into one tool, HubSpot is a great option. Here at Cyan, we’re a HubSpot partner. In fact, This blog post was published through HubSpot, shared on social media with the social media tools, and sent out in our weekly blog notification email.


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Gavin Davidson

Gavin Davidson

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